It will cost you nothing, I want to do this for the experience or to perhaps learn something. If any of you creatives have said this to a client, you most certainly know the headaches that follow. There is something inherently giving about being creative that somehow we have this need to help when help is not the answer. Helping for free or no-charge projects just to get experience working within an industry you enjoy or a friend recommended you …. not worth the trouble folks. And just as I say this eventually I will probably be helping someone else down the road and run into the same problems. They say that if the person can’t help themselves then there is no point in trying to offer help. There is a reason why they can’t be helped and you will see sooner or later. I have been trying to duck out from the blind of ignorance with one particular individual until their obvious limitations of intelligence resorts to …. let’s just say bad gestures and language. I’ll explain more about these certain annoying people in the next post.


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