Wholly, Dumbass

Just when you think it was humanly impossible to get dumber than the last dumbness a brand new level of unprecedented dumb rears its grotesquely disfigured head. The other day while trying to explain nanotechnology and molecular physics to …. not wait, I was just explaining the process of login for a website.

As the story goes… I will often work on many projects just for the challenge and sometimes the challenge of explaining the most basic of basic is stumped, not by the barrier of language but by that of dumb. There usually is no sign of intellect throughout the process, I would relate it to a dog fetching but eventually the dog does learns to fetch. So, the process of trying to simplify a explanation becomes increasingly more complicated as the basic traits typically found in your average human seem to be misplaced. The glazed over rolling eyes are usually a sign of ‘what did they just say‘ and the learning curve starts all over again. I once had this character ask me how to go about searching for information about the internet. Oddly enough it was my turn to have a glazed over rolling eye syndrome. So, I have used a couple one-liners for determining the dumb factor.

Where would I find the definition of Dictionary ? And my other favorite. How would i find another word for Thesaurus… What ?

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