Hamburger Flippers

Anyone with a pulse in their body or in-touch with marketing, will know that you must always nurture your future demographics.  They say that in grade 5 most kids encounter an interesting experience that helps shape their career paths, friendships and recreational interests. The Montreal Canadians followed this formula by giving away tickets to all grade 5 students over the course of several years. This impacts the children to become future fans of hockey and potentially season ticket holders. It is a common practice for  hockey players to visit schools and remote communities and try to drum-up some interest and sponsorship dollars…etc.  When the Edmonton Oilers where experiencing their dead years and repetitive failures, the new ownership group went out into the various demographics groups to nurture new fans, advertising bucks and eventual season ticket holders. As New Media replaces the Printed Media  you would think that any current employed writer hoping for a future with a new media outlet would nurture the hamburger flippers/live-at-home kids into new readership. But, once again while listening to a local talk show, a sports media type went off on the future demographics of their readership. As I have mentioned in a prior post that there is no qualifications required to write about sports or most entertainment based topics except that of having an interest. It is clearly obvious that marketing isn’t a prerequisite either.


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