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I have been working in the marketing industry long enough to see the faces; hear the voices and read the writers from various media outlets around the world, come and go.  However, it is the computer that has been spectacular in providing the marketing industry the most interesting changes over the years.  Watching the various personalities embrace its genius has been sometimes pleasant and at times alarming. Once the computer chip found it’s way into the automobile; transistor radio and then the telephone it was just a matter of time before it was going to penetrate every part of society for the better and for the weird. First the chip, then the hardware and followed by the software; the internet makes all three items really function and helps make the world a smaller place.  So, isn’t it funny when the media types would flog the bloggers.  Listen to a radio talk show and the first comments from hosts are related to someone blogging their opinion to which the host disagrees.  Then after a few years all the media types are blogging. Does it matter that you are being paid for your opinion vs commenting freely as new media allows.  Isn’t it funny that blogging is becoming a larger revenue share then the traditional print. So, essentially the blogger is getting paid. So, does that make their opinion any more valid ? Blog Blog Blog.

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