Sports Media Types

Wow, is there ever a lot of arrogance and ignorance  in the media today, and it seems to be breed within the sports media types.  If anyone has played sports for any length of time you realize that most athletes aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree and they will admit it. What they are good at is playing the game and finding a way to get paid for something they love, isn’t that the ultimate dream of most people.

Then there are the folks from the school of – if you can’t play, teach – but, we need great coaches in all levels of society. Unfortunately, what we have left is the blowhard whom didn’t play the game well enough and isn’t smart enough to coach but has found employment to comment on sport. Alias – the sports media types.

Does this capacity of employment qualify them to a better opinion on the game then the average joe/jane fan – no, of course not.  It just means that they are being paid to discuss their viewpoint.  These folks have essentially found a way to be paid to do something they love – and that is to follow sports.  One of the perks is the exposure to the sports personalities and formulate their opinions and that is something many of us don’t have.  I have never had the urge to hang out in the mens locker room after a game,  it’s just not the interesting to me.

But, I still have an opinion on the game and so do a lot of other folks.  The media evolution from Print to Radio to Television and now to the pinnacle of Internet Media allows fans to voice their opinion online vs the school play yard, coffee cafe, local pub, friends garage or the hair salon. This New Media format is open to everyone connected on Earth 365/24/7 . What I find interesting is those sports media types, whom read fans  comments and then use their media outlet to discredit a persons opinion. This reminds me of the old Media Industry adage saying  ‘ If you don’t like what’s on the channel – turn it! ‘  you sports media types.


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