One your mark, get set, stop. Well that’s what happened with the United States attempted return to the world’s most exclusive motorsports racing club known as Formula One. It is no more apparent that the home to the more money than brains club known as America [Jay Leno himself admits presidency] was trying to buy their way into a racing series that is more technical than the space program. And oddly enough they have even put cost restrictions on the F1 teams budgets. Hence, having more money than brains will not prove its worth. F1 is highly advanced to the point that car manufacturers will test and develop future technology years before production. BMW designs are completed 10 years ahead in order to assure correct distribution of parts inventory.  A bunch of  left hand turning v8 sedans [Nascar] are not anywhere near the technology of a F1 steering wheel. The USF1 team failed to realize that in order to succeed in the sport they should  build the team operations in Europe where the technology and skill force exists.  They have a chance for 2011 to re-enter. However, their failure to enter the 2011 season will fall into the hands of FIA not USF1. To impede the process of other European teams that were ready to race this season doesn’t take brains or money to figure out the right solution.


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