Klondike Days

It’s like the dumb leading the dumber around this neck of the woods. Yesterday, on the news they mentioned about the possible return to the Klondike Days moniker for the annual family exhibition that takes place every summer in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The Northlands group which operates the annual event had just changed the name to Capital X, because evidently Edmonton is the only capital city that has an exhibition. Doesn’t this sound and look like the name of an internet site ? Here is the problem with these people … they forgot to keep changing the event to freshen things up. Instead they allowed K’days to grow stale and give up on the only original name Edmonton/Northlands has ever used. Here is a random factor for you folks. Fifteen years ago I was interviewed for a position with the marketing folks at Northlands. The Marketing Boss asked me what I would change about K’days – I said change the name unless you update the theme and continue to educate the next generation because nobody has a clue what the Klondike is all about. They laughed at me and said everybody knows what Kondike Days is… really, do you ? When K’days was popular, everyboy would dress up like the 1800’s western wear for 10 days around the city, and that includes the workplace and school. They had a original theme that went stale. There should of been a rodeo like Calgary’s Stampede and a horse race like Churchill Downs’ Kentucky Derby, a farm fair like Toronto’s Royal Winter all wrapped up into one big annual exhibition. The parade doesn’t even go down Jasper Avenue anymore instead it winds down some collection of side streets – kinda side-show style. I think it’s time to freshen up some of the Edmonton/Northlands people like they should’ve done fifteen years ago.


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