2010 Olympics

I love watching the Oympics, both summer and winter and this year was exceptional because it was in Canada. I spent many years enjoying the outdoor lifestyle that only Whistler and Canada can offer. I still remember every ski turn, canoe paddle and bike pedaled throughout the whistler valley as if it where just yesterday. I have hiked, driven, rode the train and bus, and cycled up and down the Sea to Sky Highway winter, summer, spring and fall starting when sections of the roadway were gravel. To watch how the whole event was pursued and won on the international stage was really great to be apart of. In early 1990’s after enjoying a days activity our group would gather at the local watering hole [just like you saw on TV this winter] and talk about when Whistler would get the Olympics, not if… when! Today, Whistler is busier in the summer than the winter months and is home to the most luxurious hotel chains in the world, multi-million dollar cabins that aren’t even used by the owners despite hourly helicopter flights. By the time it is all said and done, I think the people who enjoyed the Olympics the most have traveled the gravel road…. I know I did.

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