Osmosis Rule

Love this rule. Just how old is this rule ? We all know it exists today and with the invent of modern technology the world is certainly a smaller place but, just exactly how old is this rule and is it an offspring of this modern technology ? So, follow me on this analogy. Imagine a couple of dudes [white robes and 120 degrees outside – the complete visual] in ancient egypt breaking some bread while having a glass of wine beside the nile… so, that pyramid scheme the Pharaoh is talking about … that’s not going to work.  So, are the dudes talking about stacking blocks or tossing in a couple gold coins into the pool. With zero phones, books, typewritters, internet …etc. News can still be spread about and become a topic of conversation without intentionally wanting to acquire or learn about these news topics. You don’t have to be multi-media guru to now about the internet and the various jargons spun from within the industry. We learn many things we would normally not seek out to learn about through the Osmosis Rule. The one weird situation created from the Osmosis Rule is during mid-speech when talking about Google this or Google that,  their eyes roll back and forth when you mention the word google… and you realize that you don’t know how to Dumb Down the conversation with this person. I guess we need a new rule.


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