Dumb Down

 My point today is of an observation I had while talking to a lady about why anyone would want to talk or communicate intellectually to other folks while openly knowing that these folks may not have the mental capacity to comprehend the relevant references used in a typical adult conversation.  Of course I said this to the afore mentioned lady that I always dumb down my dialogue whenever I am talking to these folks you speak of as well as talking to yourself.  Her eyes immediately started to drift around the room, indicating her not understanding what I had said. Information travels at lightspeed around the world and for anyone not to know about your typical references of an adult conversation is quite baffling to me. I can understand not wanting to know how molecular fusion works or the logistical requirements for preparing a patient for surgery if you drive a truck or work reception in an office … however, how can you live in today’s society and not know about google or you tube ?  [see my next blog on Osmosis Rule] At least once a week I am in the situation where I have to pause mid-speech to quickly re-phrase a sentence because I am noticing eyes rolling around and roaming the room – sign of incomprehension.  I adjust by simplifying the wording and shorten the sentences, it usually works.  But, now I have found fun in waiting for the dumb down time to appear …. you must try this method on people, it’s most rewarding.  So, last week I came across another stumbling block … it wasn’t the multi-syllable phrasing that I am so accustomed to use around adults but the adult whom didn’t know what a syllable was.  Just when I was getting the hang of the dumb down I have another level of dumb downing to do. Who ever thought being dumb would be that hard.


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