People who talk…

Keep your ideas to yourself, because even family and friends will talk about your latest ideas or creations. I find it amazing that the non-creative folk must rely on other people for interesting discussion as their ability to create fresh topics is somehow inhibited. Often their recollection of the idea is reiterated sarcastically because they cannot see an idea at seed. Example; have you ever been in the middle of a conversation and someone’s child makes a reference to yourself about a topic that could only be sourced back to a very select few characters.  This happened to me on several occasions and most recently with an adult sarcastically makes a reference to topic that was clearly above their intellect.  It has to be a weird deal to think about those folks whose life experiences have limited their ability to create an interesting discussion hence, becoming the typical ‘People who talk’  – type. The harm is that when these folk spout-off erratically about topics they know nothing about – there could easily be creative intellects within hearing distance – and these creative types will most certainly know what to do with a great fresh and original idea.  So, at the next dinner party – when someone asks – just say something boring like – I’m buying life insurance.


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