The ‘know it all’ person

We have all met the ‘know it all’ person either by default through a family member or at work or school, but we all have had those annoying experiences. I believe the foundation of the ‘know it all’ –  lies in their first hand discovery on information that has in some way become relative to themselves despite the knowledge being vastly known for years to others. The new found information is so interesting to these ‘know it all’ types that they must speak of this new found knowledge as if it was handed down to them from some supreme being for them to distribute to us less informed people of Earth.  Yet, when confronting these confused individuals about the inaccuracies of their redundant and old news – a blank stare, a pause – and then they continue as if no corrections are required.  To take note of two types of individuals here and not confuse one with the other I’ll explain the differences. New found information can be fascinated to those who have recently discovered it and want to share their new knowledge – these folks are OK . Then, there is the dreaded ‘know it all’ and how their individual discovery of information is now complete and acceptable for the rest of the world to learn – these folks are annoying and best avoided.

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