Get it in writting

We all know the convenience of cell phones and texting to get the information across the world in a blink of an eye. But, have you ever tried to talk to someone on a cell phone with bad reception and a language accent so your message isn’t quite clear enough to confirm an answer. So, we all wait a few minutes and call back as if the accent is going to clear up like the reception and … nothing, back to square one and we still have no answer. Folks, let me help you out – email the message. Stop with the phone calls or texting – just email – you remember that keyboard in front of your computer – yeah that thing with all those letters and numbers – type a email. If you are conducting any business of importance then it should be in writting. Your mortgage is on paper, bank loan, cell phone plan, airline tickets… anything of importance. So, I’m listening to someone the other night explain that they got too many emails and had to use the phone to confirm the information….. I was going to say something but paused and remembered that – anything important is in writting – so therefore this person gets a lot of unimportant messages.


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