Critique vs Criticism

Criticism is what happens when you mistakenly ask someone their opinion about something outside of their realm (what do you think?) and get an ear full of useless and unconstructive information. Critique is the results of receiving relevant information about a project of work in which the selected folks critiquing have a reasonable breadth of knowledge which in turn could be useful. A whiner/complainer is usually the recognizable traits of criticism and can be detected through the deflection in their voice. You know the comments are going to start flowing the moment you hear them speak … and you think (I knew I shouldn’t have asked that person). The gratitude of being  asked; the thanking; the sense of curiousity, the pleasure in discovery are many of the wonderful traits displayed by someone who was choosen to peer into your window of the world. Always, if possible seek a critique (good or bad) because it will improve your work. Criticism’s are for ‘negative nelly’s and prove no worth – avoid these folks.


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