The importance of teamwork is invaluable. Yet, today in society there are still those who have no clue about the value in teamwork. They are easily identified by their desire to complain about everything and comment on other peoples methods of solving a task. It reminds me of the old adage of ‘those who complain the most are the most to be complained of’ and how perfectly suited that phrase is to those without teamwork skills. Teamwork is always present in sports but, not all sports are teamed based. As important as it is to get exercise through sports it is key to participate in some form of team sport to learn the lessons of teamwork. Unfortunately, we have a whole new generation of teachers that have grown up without teamwork and therefore are incapable of teaching it to the next generation of youngsters. Inspite of all the team building courses required by the education system for teachers in training and working teachers, an educator will not be effective in teaching teamwork unless they were exposed at a young age to some form of teamwork. Every employer will look for the word teamwork on a resume. After reading thousands of resumes and numerous hirings over the years any employer can tell during the interview whether the person has true teamwork skills. Unless you are that 1% demographics that doesn’t have to work or want to work with anybody, you better have some teamwork skills.  Parents should try to get the kids enroled into a team sport and play with other kids after school instead of being shuttled home to play video games or watch tv. Then, hopefully we can have a generation of non-complainers and team players to create, inspire and work together.


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