Scattered brain; unorganized; in their own world; all phrases used to describe the creative folks. As with many words and/or phrases used for descriptive purposes they are often more true than not. However, once you meet a truly successful individual, you will discover that they are very organized, thoughtful  and aware of most everything in their environment. A few words that come to mind when I am working with some creative folk; leadership, direction, planning and the lack of it.  Education and structured training is what seperates the weak creatives from the strong creatives. A good home, marriage, career …etc, are all built on a solid foundation. Yes, we have heard of that old adge many times but it is so true. Try working with someone without proper training and the scattered brain, unorganized within their own world personality will rear its ugly head. Have you ever stood around waiting for some form of leadership, a vision, a plan, just anything other than watching one person run around in circles trying to do everything because of their inadequate training and the understanding that people want direction and leadership especially when helping or working in a group or playing on a team.  In other words a ‘solo artist’ in a group environment doesn’t work. The boss should not be pounding the nails, driving the truck or taking out the garbage if there is proper leadership.


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