Creative Cooking

Cooking is creative.

It is interesting how people will have a loose mental memory of a recipe (eg: mom’s cake) and somehow through osmosis have become an expert
on the recipe’s process, that they have never helped, watched or learn how to make. A recipe like anything else involved in the creative process is something to watch, learns and then adapt it to become your own. Reading the recipe books, watching the cooking shows and ordering different items off the menu will all provide you with ways to create your own take on the family favorite. Could you imagine if everybody only cooked the exact same recipes, just how boring would that be. They say that everyone has a creative side to themselves, it is just a matter of finding it. I think there are those folks who never find there creative side despite all of the endless possibilities to discover it in life. If  you have to read directions to everything without understanding that cooking is a matter of taste and everybody’s taste is apart of your person it’s probably save to say the creative process isn’t to be found in cooking.


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