I always look at the online photo sites to get some form of inspiration for an upcoming project such as Flickr, Photobucket and/or Getty Images. Of course the stray links that take you off course sometime provide the best ideas. But, today was interesting in knowing what the non-creative folk think about photography. To the non-creative, a photo is of someone they know, a place they have been or something they own. Composition, theme, exposure, depth-of-field …etc doesn’t enter the process. This all reminds me of a time when I was given a photo to critique – the photo had a telephone post in the fore ground. I asked why they took a photo of the telephone post and their reply was that they were taking a picture of the landscape behind the post and if they moved to the right or left the landscape would not be centered. I asked why they never stood in front of the post to take the picture to which they replied, I never thought of that. ©


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