Motorsport Facility

I have watched some great race facilities in Western Canada close their doors and have no replacement facility. Vancouver had Port Coquitlam, Edmonton had Speedway Park, Merrit is fooling arouund with their program and Calgary has RaceCity Speedway. Before everyone emails me on this… Calgary is still going thru the hoops of keeping the aging facility open for 2010. What Calgary needs is a new facility north of the city near the new construction on QEII. Mission Raceway has been somewhat of a replacement to Po-Co but, it still needs the road course developed and I don’t think there is the space for grandstands and spectators alike. Merrit never even had much merit. Edmonton meanwhile has this piece of land near the International Airport that is under developed. Every year it seems the folks running Castrol Raceway are bringing in a new event to great crowds. Why are Edmontonians not helping to develop the ‘Road Course’  and keep the Edmonton Indy in Alberta. Imagine the business spin-offs from a permanent ‘Road Course’ .


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